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Hybrid – 50% THC: 19% – 29%

Do you love the sweet, delicious taste of candy and the relaxing effects of marijuana? If so, your search for something unique and special is over: introducing the delectable Candy Runtz! This beloved strain will give you a flavor experience like no other, with creamy caramel hints that mingle with its tropical fruit aroma. Plus, its low THC content ensures an enjoyable high without any anxiety or paranoia – perfect for those seeking a mellow relaxation session. Whether it’s to socialize or simply unwind solo at home, Candy Runtz provides some much-needed relief from stress in a tasty package.

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Candy Runtz is an incredibly popular indica-dominant hybrid strain with delicious sweet and fruity flavor. It’s a cross between the famed Zkittlez and Gelato strains, creating a unique terpene profile that many cannabis enthusiasts adore. Its buds are dense and colorful, showcasing hues of purples, greens, and blues.

When smoked, Candy Runtz delivers a relaxing body high that can be great for relieving aches and pains while still allowing you to stay focused and alert. It’s also known to leave many people feeling euphoric with increased creativity when consumed in smaller doses. Some users may even experience a rush of energy followed by a strong sense of relaxation.

Candy Runtz is often used to treat stress, depression, muscle tension, and pain. Its earthy aroma combined with sweet fruity flavors make it the perfect strain for unwinding after a long day or just enjoying some peaceful time alone. Whether you’re looking for a well-balanced strain with delicious flavor or need something to relax your muscles and help you sleep, Candy Runtz is perfect for just about any situation.


The Candy Runtz strain is a rare, indica-dominant hybrid. It has an eye-catching aesthetic thanks to its bright colors and unique shape that resembles candy. Its buds are dense, round and covered in purple hues with dark green foliage. A coating of sugary trichomes gives the bud a frosty look.

The aroma of Candy Runtz is a sweet and fruity combination that has notes of berries, grapes and tropical fruits with a hint of skunk. Its taste follows its scent, being sweet and fruity with hints of grape and berry. There is also an earthy undertone that lingers in the mouth after smoking.

Candy Runtz is a strain with an extremely pleasant aroma and flavour profile, making it a great choice for those who want something sweet and tasty. Its effect is calming, leaving you feeling relaxed and euphoric without being overly sedative.


Its effects are calming yet uplifting, leaving users feeling happy and stress-free. This strain has been known to cause intense waves of euphoria, which can be very helpful in managing stress and depression. The high of Candy Runtz is known for its intense body relaxation, which can be great for those dealing with chronic pain or insomnia.

The effects of this strain may have a strong psychoactive component as well, causing an altered state of mind that could help distract from the negative thoughts and feelings associated with depression. Candy Runtz is also said to have a creative side, making it great for those looking to get inspired or boost creativity. This strain can be greatly helpful in alleviating chronic fatigue and exhaustion due to its powerful sedative effects.

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